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Texas Agricultural Soil Activator EMA

Texas Agricultural Soil Activator EMA

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Texas Agrar is a liquid soil activator for:
Gardening and landscaping
Horticultural crops
 Texas agriculture ensures active soil life and increases soil fertility. When organics are introduced into the soil, the rotting is accelerated with the help of Texas Agriculture. existing nutrients are retained. Biodiversity is increased with the help of microorganisms and nutrients are mobilized and made available to plants.

By increasing the nutrient availability, fertilizer costs can be reduced.

Texas Agriculture promotes the formation of roots in plants, which can improve fruit set and the ripening of plants.

Use :

25-50 liters per hectare when used for the first time.

From the 2nd application onwards, the amount required can be reduced to 25 liters per hectare.

Mixing ratio 1:10 - 1:20.

2-3 applications a year

Starting materials: living microorganisms lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, yeast, raw sugar molasses from the processing industry, water
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