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Texas Biogold (Terra Preta) dried

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Similar to Texas BioGold in the 20 liter sack (earth-moist), Texas Biogold (Terra Preta) is also available in smaller portions, dried. The Texas BioGold dried offers better processing and a wider range of uses.

Texas BioGold is a dried Terra Preta.

It activates the soil with the power of microorganisms and organic components. The plant remains healthy and resistant to stress and external influences. Manufactured according to a German patent, Texas BioGold is made from valuable raw materials paired with billions of microorganisms

Texas Bio Gold absorbs a high proportion of its own weight and releases it in the long term in the form of nutrients and water. Texas BioGold is suitable for all soils and is therefore comprehensive and versatile.

Microorganisms are an important part of Texas Biogold.

The advantages:

invigorates the soil
regenerate the soil
promotes new root formation
decompose organic components in the soil
promote biodiversity
creates plant growth
Texas BioGold is 100% peat free and enriched with pure carbon. This improves the carbon-nitrogen ratio and promotes the build-up of humus.

Texas BioGold has a lasting effect and strengthens your soil and thus your plants.