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Texas compost accelerator

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Product information "Texas Compost Accelerator"
Texas compost accelerator with microorganisms is an effective helper made from natural raw materials that supports and accelerates the extraction of humus from organic garden and kitchen waste.

very economical
100% natural
applicable all year round

Get valuable compost faster with Texas compost accelerators.

Countless microorganisms and thousands and thousands of microorganisms transform the shredded material into valuable compost. Texas compost accelerator promotes earthworm activity, can be used all year round and the water absorption and water retention capacity improves.

Spread the compost accelerator in the compost in layers. With dry materials, it makes sense to moisten the material. The accelerator is particularly effective if it is sprinkled after every 20 cm layer. 2 liters are sufficient for 1000 liters of compost.

With appropriate temperatures and heavily shredded material, the compost can be ready in 10-12 weeks.


Store in a dry and closed place.


60% Texas natural fertilizer organic NPK fertilizer 2.02 - 2.74 - 5.18 (consisting of 65% vegetable substances from agriculture, 33% animal by-products Cat 2 EG 1069/2009)
2% zeolite
10% diatomaceous earth
10% kieselguhr
20% primary rock meal
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